Adam Sandler…Lunchlady land… And a bad case of the gout!

5 Foods to avoid to avoid a not so magical land of gout.

You know the classic Adam Sandler song from 1993, Lunchlady Land? As a young child listening to Adam Sandlers lyric LunchLady was the first I heard mention “gout.” I had no idea what it was, so I just kept singing the song until I became curious enough to ask my mom what it was. She told me it was something older people get in their feet. Not too far off, usually people who get gout are men aged 40-50, but there are always those exceptions to the rule. I am 28 years old and I’m just getting over gout in my left big toe. With medicine from my podiatrist the gout still lasted about a week long. Extremely painful to say the least. What happens when you have gout, the body creates uric acid crystals that build up in the joints, forming from purines that are in all body tissue. In my case, thankfully it was only in my left big toe, and I got professional help and medicine from my podiatrist by day two of my gout symptoms. In the rare case that I contracted gout at a young age, there are certain foods high in purines I could have better avoided to not bring gout upon myself. Five foods you should avoid to better stay clear of gout are as followed:
-Peas and dried beans
Symptoms of gout include redness, swelling, joint stiffness, and pain. If you think you have gout contact your podiatrist office so you can be back on your feet as soon as possible…”sloppy joe, slop, slopp-py joe!”Lunch Lady!!!

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