Ankle Swelling and Pregnancy!!

10 little piggys turned sausages: How to deal with foot and ankle swelling during pregnancy.

Your body is going through so many changes during pregnancy and one change you don’t want is swollen feet and ankles. When pregnant your body retains more fluids and with the pressure of a growing uterus, it slows the blood flow to your heart, feet, and ankles. Here are 5 easy ways to help with painful foot and ankle swelling:

            Daily exercise or physical activity. It doesn’t have to be much. Just something to get the blood pumping. If you have older children they can enjoy your physical activities as well. Things such as swimming, nature walks, and bike riding. Walking or standing in a pool can give relief to those little piggys with the help of the water’s pressure.

            Slightly elevate your legs and sleep on your left side. The large vein that pumps the blood from your heart to your lower body gets relief when you sleep on your left side.

            Don’t stand for long periods of time. If you can, try to stay off your feet.  When sitting move your feet to “write” the abc’s. You can always try to squeeze a foot and ankle massage from your partner.  Massaging always calms and relieves stress.

            Try compression socks. Always consult your health care provider about new health care practices that you may have questions about. In addition follow the instructions provided with the compression stockings.

            “Ice, Ice, Baby!” After that partner foot massage an ice pack always gives relief to those swollen ankles and toes.

So the short is, lay back, take a load off your feet, and do your best to enjoy your pregnancy until your very own little piggy arrives!

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