When Batman says, Pow, CRACK, POP, was he talking about my knuckles?

I was laying on my couch minding my own business watching tv when my spouse snuck up on me and reaches over grabbing my foot and pops my toe. I pulled back as she was popping the toe, it sounds sissy, but it made it sting for a second. Afterwards it got me thinking about how harmless popping your toes is, but then I thought over time does popping your toes have an effect on your feet? I’ve heard before that popping your knuckles can cause arthritis or osteoporosis. On the flip side, it’s just popping nitrogen bubbles in-between the joints, no big deal. So in my curiosity it brought me to writing this post and doing a little research. In my research I learned when you pop the knuckles in your hands or toes it is moving synovial fluid that acts as a shock absorber and lubricant to prevent your bones from rubbing together. Secondly, a research article published by Mount Carmel Mercy Hospital in Detroit found that habitual knuckling cracking does not lead to osteoporosis but can lead to swelling and less grip strength which includes stretched or torn ligament, and dislocated fingers. In conclusion, I learned the next time my spouse wants to pop my toes I’ll tell her that she probably should leave the Pow, CRACK, POP to Batman because I don’t want swelling or loss of grip strength when I’m an old man.


RESOURCES: http://www.bidmc.org/YourHealth/Holistic-Health/Health-Myths-Center.aspx?ChunkID=156990


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