I dropped something on my toe, is it going to fall off?

Several months ago I dropped a can of black beans from the kitchen counter top and it landed on my big toe. The way the can landed on my toe caused the base of my nail bed to cut and bleed for a few minutes. Before the bleeding ended I watched the color of my toe nail darken around and near the base of my toe. I think it was bleeding underneath my nail. I was very concerned that I would lose my toe nail and I wanted to know if it would, or if there was any way I could prevent my nail from falling off. Well I learned the dark color and bleeding underneath the nail is called subungual hematoma. If there is enough blood build up underneath the nail it will cause the nail to come loose. If nail trauma and bleeding is severe enough seeing your podiatrist would be recommended to make sure a bone fracture is not a result of the nail trauma. At that point, you should probably plan on your nail falling off. If you have ruled out bone fracture but believe there is a blood blister, give yourself twenty four hours to see if the swelling goes down. It the swelling remains, sanitize your toe and a needle that you will use to pierce the blister. If the blister is not along the edge, use a flame and paperclip to drill through the nail. Heat the paperclip then use it to drive through the surface of the nail and puncher the blister. Push on top of your nail to release the fluids. Always use alcohol for sanitation afterwards as well.

Reminders for best chances to keep your toe nail:

**Don’t rip off any loose part of your nail.
**Trim nail straight across.
**Practice good hygiene and dry feet well after becoming wet.
**Bandage your toe if there is breakage.
**Schedule an appointment with your Choice Podiatry Center Today!!!!

RESOURCES: http://foothealth.about.com/od/toenailproblems/a/Toenail-Trauma.htm

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