Mother’s Day Gifts + Feet!!!

 Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for kids and Dads.

Grab your acrylic paint from the closet and let you and your kids get crafty! Mother’s day is coming up and your kids keep growing up, so try this craft to frame a “little” moment for mom.


Acrylic Paints: It can be one color or multiple colors.

Canvas: 9×12 inch white canvas if you want to go all out, or a white piece of paper will work fine too.

Black Sharpie (optional)

Paint Brush

Stencil of child’s first initial (optional)

Getting down to the DIY Instructions:

  1. Get your paint(s) out and squeeze paint onto a paper plate (nickel to quarter size for each.)
  2. Have your child sit on a surface where you can paint their feet. A picnic table or somewhere close to a hose where you can rinse their feet is always a perk. The wife is always happy if you do well on clean up.
  3. Paint your child’s feet and then press the canvas to each foot forming the child’s desired shape.
  4. Set the canvas somewhere safe and go and wash your kid’s feet. You can do partial clean up at this point while you wait for the paint to dry.
  5. After the paint on the canvas has dried, you can move to part two of the project. Time to break out the stencil and sharpies. Complete the feet design. EX: draw in the head and body of the butterfly, or tires and cab of the tractor, and child initials.
  6. Add the finishing touches by writing your child’s name, year, and age on the back of the canvas.

Gift wrap the canvas. If you don’t have wrapping paper, an inside out paper bag works great too. Top it off with a homemade greeting card from you and your child. Well done Dad, Mom will love it!







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