Tips to remember when purchasing athletic shoes for Baseball and Softball

Most common injuries to occur when participating in Baseball and Softball are sprains, tendinitis, stress fractures, and plater fasciitis. So when you are at the sporting goods store overwhelmed with the options and varieties of athletic shoes for your sport, remember the following tips to help narrow your search. Your conscious choice in footwear will enhance your performance, and propel your efforts to avoid injury. Remember the coolest looking shoe may not always be so cool if in the wrong way it affects the way you play. Things that say it’s the right shoe for you are as followed:

  • To avoid heel pain for children ages 11-15 multi-cleats may be a very effective option for your athlete.
  • Metal baseball spikes are not a suggested athletic shoe to be worn for preteen players.
  • Orthoses, shoe inserts that are customized to prevent arch pain, provide support for catchers. Possible avenues to avoid arch pain that frequently plagues catchers.


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