Tips to remember when purchasing athletic shoes for Soccer

Running, contact and kicking the ball, rapid change in directions, and sliding all speak soccer. Wet, dry, humid, hot, and cold conditions are always possible variables to the great game. Most common injuries to occur when participating in soccer is ankle sprains, Sever’s disease, ingrown toenails, and turf toe. In order to achieve optimum performance in any of these conditions footwear plays a major part, and you don’t want to be caught off guard. Knowledge is power.  So when you are at the sporting goods store overwhelmed with the options and varieties of athletic shoes for your sport, remember the following three tips to help narrow your search. Your conscious choice in footwear will enhance your performance, and propel your efforts to avoid injury. Three things that say it’s the right shoe for you are as followed:

  • Screw on variation cleats are not preferred over molded rubber cleats.
  • In need of proper support for your arch and foot type, select footwear that provides a quality foot-bed.
  • With variation of ground, choose a stud type that meets playing conditions most accurately. Turf, firm, hard, or soft.


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