Toe nail fungus is SO not a part of my summer style!

Has the nasty brown nail fungus guy from the commercials lifted your toe nail and hypothetically jumped in? Do you see those nail fungus commercials and think “eewww that’s me, and I should do something about it,” but never do. Well a quick and painless trip to the podiatrist will have you fortified against those nasty nail fungus guys so they won’t be haunting your dreams and toe nails any more. Toe nail fungus is a dermatophyte fungus that is a microscopic organism which can thrive in a warm, dark, and moist environment, like the insides of your shoes. Since your toes generally have less blood flow compared to finger nails, your body has a harder time identifying and stopping a fungal infection. Your podiatrist will suggest an antifungal polish that you will apply to your toe nails on a regular basis. Of course always read labels and use product as directed. ANDDD before you know it those nails will be looking fresh for those bare foot moments in the summer sun. You will no longer feel the need to cover up or use nail polish to hide away those healthy happy toe nails!







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