Are You Suffering from Chronic Foot or Ankle Pain?

Living in pain is not living at all. When your feet hurt, everything hurts.

Everyone’s pain is different. Dr. Iwu will diagnose and treat your unique pain – whether it’s in the heel, arches, ball of your foot and/or toes – getting you back to your daily routine with comfort and ease!

Class IV laser therapy is one of the most safe and effective ways to treat various conditions that cause foot and ankle pain! Laser therapy has a vast amount of benefits including:

  • Accelerated cellular reproduction and growth – which is key in repairing the cells of cartilage, bone, tendons, ligaments, and muscle tissue.
  • Reduced scar tissue that typically develops from specific injuries. When patients have less scar tissue, the likelihood of chronic pain is also reduced.
  • Decreased inflammation and increased blood circulation.


With 26 bones in the foot alone, as well as major ligaments, tendons, joints, and nerves – it’s not surprising that millions of Americans suffer various types of foot and ankle pain.

Class IV laser therapy is used for the relief of pain, to accelerate healing and decrease inflammation.

When the light source is placed against the skin, photons penetrate several centimeters down and are absorbed by the mitochondria (the energy producing part of a cell). This energy results in the restoration of normal cell function.

The main goal of laser therapy is to stimulate the cell to perform its natural functions, but at an enhanced rate.

Laser therapy is a quick and easy treatment allowing patients to relax during the procedure. In contrast to “cold lasers,” which provide no feeling or sensation, high power diode laser therapy provides a warm, soothing feeling.

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Aspen Laser Therapy works by flooding the tissues with photons, energizing the damaged cells and increasing circulation to the painful area. This produces a cascade of healing responses in your body, reducing inflammation, thereby reducing or even eliminating your pain. Treatments take just a few minutes, and the therapeutic effect continues to soothe and heal long after you leave our office.

Aspen Laser Therapy treats a wide range of foot and ankle conditions

  • Pain Relief
  • Neuropathy/Neuroma
  • Post Surgical Care
  • Fractures
  • Joint Pain
  • Edema
  • Poor Range of Motion
  • Unsightly Nail Conditions
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Sesamoiditis
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Reduced Diabetic Inflammation
  • Post-op Pain

Schedule your first Laser Therapy treatment to start feeling better NOW! Our friendly staff looks forward to working with you so you can experience a pain-free life again! Ask us how Aspen Laser Therapy can help your health conditions today.

Laser Therapy offered me pain relief that I couldn’t find anywhere else, and I’m so grateful.


Our Goal

Drug free pain relief and healing is the goal for most of us, as is avoiding surgery. Now we can offer you a non-surgical option that truly has the power to significantly reduce or even eliminate your pain.

In most cases, just 5 to 10 treatments with this powerful laser is all it takes to realize life changing results! From there, we reevaluate both your pain and comfort levels and outline a plan to maintain your improved level of health. After all, our goal is to make you feel better.

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